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Marie Coons

Designer and Illustrator



Urban Sanctuary

This week I decided to let go of expectations that I need to have 3 perfect focal patterns and spent some time experimenting with the blob brush and wacom tablet (I always wanted to try drawing with the tablet and had some fun with it). Here are my colored motifs for Winter Park and Urban Birds. I ending up drawing some of my art with the pen tool and some with the blob brush - I think the winter park motifs look editorial to me rather than surface patterny. I'd be curious to know others opinions. And as for my urban birds - i'm completely lost with that one. I think I need to do more sketching and create more motifs for that one.





Hi Everyone,

I live in a very colorful and diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York with my husband and 4 cats (yes, 4!). I'm a devoted animal collector, yoga practitioner, jogger and pattern lover. I am a freelance graphic designer but my focus is on illustration and pattern design. I look forward to being challenged and learning the process of building a collection of patterns with the class and with Bonnie's amazing help!

I decided to base my focal points around Prospect Park, a beautiful stretch of land filled with trees, birds, lakes and paths to run on. By spending time in this natural environment, I find inspiration and a sense of unity with fellow city mates.

My blurb to describe my collection. I think it needs work but here goes:

The park brings city dwellers of all ages, sizes and colors together to forget the urban jungle and commune with nature. Dogs romp through open, green fields, children climb trees and rocks, joggers and bikers exercise to unwind from the city grind. The park is a sanctuary that magically energizes and renews the spirit.

Winter in the Park: vignetted park scenes, trees, snowy, frosty, light gray, peaceful, quiet, ice skates, sledding, mittens, scarves, hats, windy cold, hot chocolate, muted





Urban Birds: binoculars, camera, paths, pond, lake, lamp post, bird feeder, bird house, trail, map, hiking, feathers, trees, branches, chirping, flight, freedom, colorful




Dogs Play: tennis balls, toys, dog sweaters, booties, leashes, collars, tags, lake, balls, sticks, wagon, bike, running, paws, treats, bones


Haven't worked on Dogs Play sketches yet.


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