Sherif Kinawy

Sustainability Consultant / Urban Photographer



Urban Photography: Become a better photographer in 10 days (need feedback - still looking for cover photo)

Whether you have a point-shoot camera or a DSLR, you're a photographer! Your photos deserve to be shared.

This class will teach you to make the best out of your camera. Learn about angles, frames and timing. The course is for anyone interested in photography and will take you to the next step of thinking of getting some of those photos to galleries and competitions.

The focus of this course is photography in cities. Anyone who lives in a city knows everything happens at a faster pace. Busy streets. Rushing pedestrians. All this stimulation, yet our photos often end up catching the fuzzy tail lights of a cab or otherwise bright but too still to reflect all this action.

In this class, you will learn three techniques to make your pictures more dynamic when you're out in the city. I'll take you through getting to know your camera a bit better. Rather than depend on the manual, you'll have to get out there and start experimenting. We'll also practise framing, take dynamic photos, share them and collectively critique our photos as a group.

The course is online so it doesn't matter where you live. Get your camera charged.

Prerequisites: Any kind of camera (preferably digital as I'll be asking you to upload photos). Photos from your phone cameras are welcome.

The techniques will be revealed one at a time. Instructions will be posted every other day.


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