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Urban + Nature

I was a little lost for this theme, so I watched Bambi to get some inspiration for this concept. It was the first time I watched the film. It was an incredibly moving film about innocence, love and the violence that nearly snatched it all away from young Bambi.

At the back of my mind were the words "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?"

What would young Bambi, touched by terrible violence, dream of?


I was at the HongKong Toys & Games Fair last year. They had a new "Kidult" category — Toys for Adults. I was startled to see that the place was full of realistic looking guns (airsoft guns). The photo below was taken from the first booth at the entrance of the Kidult section.

Even though it is an adult toy section, there were several booths selling what are obviously children's toy guns. I watched a man of middle eastern origin heft a toy machine gun before ordering a quantity of it to ship back home for retail.

Over dinner today, I watched news of yet another school shooting in the US.

What would the young Bambis' of our generation bombared with violence everyday on TV, on the news, in words, conversation, music, song and play.... in every medium they come into contact with, dream of?

Can they hear, see or know of anything else?



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