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Urban Life

Hey there!

I've been always extremely fond of landscapes and scenery painitngs and illustrations, but whenever I tried to give it a shot myself, I quickly surrendered. That was mainly due to poor planning and getting lost with all the guiding lines - and the fact that while I knew the basics of how to draw in 1/2/3-point perspective, I never understood why it works that way, how it actually relates to what I see, and what happens to my vanishing points when I turn my head, for example.

So far this course has been extremely helpful, especiialy since I also got to see how to start an illustration.

As for the thing I'm working on for this course:

So yeah, my idea for this one was to show a street in the middle of a city, with tall buildings, different stores, ads, etc., while putting the viewer right into it, sort of.

So far I've tried putting down the basic shapes, so I can just paint the details in later, like the buildings in the background or the advertisements and shop signs.

I'm grateful for any advice or feedback!


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