Urban Knitting: Living in a Knitty City | Skillshare Projects

Maribel Castellanos

Digital Designer, Nickelodeon



Urban Knitting: Living in a Knitty City

Urban knitting is stitching within a landscape of streets, structures, buildings, parks, machines and people. City living is crowded, often times requiring us to do our everyday activities in small spaces.  

That is why knitting is the perfect vehicle for me to be artistic without an artist studio. I can create something that can convey a lot of meaning right from my couch. It's something I can make for myself, for a loved one or the general public if displayed outdoors.

Knitting is an expression that's representative of myself. A self portrait. It tells a story and has a clear purpose, whether it's to stay warm or make a statement.

Urban kntting is universal and if you ever leave the city you can always take it with you.


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