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Urban-Environmental Portraits + 6-10 Images

Whats up fellow photographers?!

My name is Mike aka Africano Fotografia I am a San Francisco native. My work primarily focuses on social-documentary & documentation of the Human Conditions. My overall objective is creating a repertoire of photographs to give the prominent generations to come an empowering historical photographic documentation.

I am looking forward to learning from everyone in this class not just Johnthan himself, I feel that everyone is my network of support and we can encourage each other to grow together. 

Im always down for constricitve criticism so feel free to critique my work and give me feedback. 

100% of my work is shot on Film with a 35mm Camera.

Contact Info: 

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.africanofotografia.com

Facebook: Africano Fotografia 

Linkedin: Africano Fotografia 


Here are some photographers that inspire me

  • Gordon Parks 
  • Howard L. Bingham
  • Jamel Shabazz
  • Annie Leibovitz

6-10 of My Best Images 

Emerald  Elevator


Oakland CA,

"She was mesmerized"

Courtney Costello

New York, NY


San Francisco, CA

Hopeful Wishing 


Harlem, NYC

Hella Hella Occupy

Occupy SF

San Francisco 


My Parents 

Richmond, CA

Holy Ghost Power 

Gloryland Church 

Richmond, CA

Kid Skater 


Oakland, Ca 

Urban-Environmental Portraits

My project Urban-Enviromental Portraits aim to capture the essence of an individual's personal lifestlye within the elements of the individual's craft. 

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