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Aaron Pascucci

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Urban Apparel Mandala

I've been working on creating graphics for an appareal line that I'm hoping to launch next year.  The mandala is an appealing concept because of the inticracy and skill of illustration are so easily recognizable to the audiance.  Being versied in most adobe products and not having a WACOM tablet I chose to do my work with a my mouse and adobie illustrator.

I also found that working in illustrator lets me skip the whole sketching phase and get right to something that can be completed with minimal clean up and sent out for publishing.

Here is the center of the mandala after watching the video series in one evening and creating my guide.

A few hours more lead to some more work and detail


I often get to a point that I need a pencil to just put a concept down.  I'll usually print out the desingn and start drawing on top of it.  I havn't found a single project that this process hasn't worked for.

Using this as a guide, I take back to illustrator to make my concepts a digital reality.  This can sometimes working with strokes, layers, and fills.  Manipulating them to get the desired effect is what seperates true graphic artists from those who don't really know what their doing.  Here is a detail shot showing some of the layering concepts that I'm playing with.

Next up will be at least another level or two of the mandala, color work and the inevitable cleaning up of vector points and shapes.


Did some more clicking.  Made a bit of progress and learned a bit more about illustrator.


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