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Kanani Mahelona

Design Consultant



Urban Aloha

Being from Hawaii, I decided I'd try to do an "urban" take on the bold, Hawaiian "aloha" print.

Unit 1:

Step 1:  Pencil in

Step 2:  Darken the outlines with a black felt tip pen (medium point)

Step 3:  Trace outlines onto another sheet of paper using a thick black Sharpie pen, then fill in texture

Step 4:  Basic design done

Step 5:  Add detail using a thick red Sharpie pen

Step 6:  Continue to add detail using a fine-point black pen

Step 7:  Continue to add texture in negative space using light grey pencil

Step 8:  Cut, shift and tape image left-to-right

Step 9:  Cut, shift and tape image top-to-bottom, then add more detail using white-out pen

Step 10:  Outline design to fill in negative space of shifted design

Step 11:  Completed hand-drawn design

Step 12:  Scan drawing into computer to manipulate further, using Adobe Photoshop

Unit 2:

Step 1: Clean the scanned drawing

Step 2:  Offset the image

Step 3:  Clean the offset image

Step 4:  Check the repeat

Unit 3:

Colorway 1

Colorway 2

Colorway 3

Colorway 4

Colorway 5

Unit 4:

Fashion illustration application

Interior design application


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