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Upright Family

My inspiration comes from a metal emblem that was attached to every home furnace that was manufactured by the Upright Bros. family business.

The words above and inside the Heart are "Our Product" "The Heart Of The Home"

Our Great Grandfather owned and operated a Tea House and Cabins on South Cooking Lake, Alberta Canada in the early 1930's. These lodgings became a major stop over for Bush Pilots who were opening up Northern Alberta.

My Grandfather and his Brothers and their Sons were Tin Smiths by trade and started with building Stoves and then moved on to Furnaces. The Tin Snips also represent the “Maker” side of Me and the Family. The Heart crest was reworked to represent sheets of metal.

My Mother is an accomplished Musician and many generational family activities revolved around Music. I am also a professional Musician. The Treble Clef and the “Note” laurels represent this.


The Wild Rose is the flower for Alberta and the 5 Petals represent the home our Father built at 5 Gate Ave. in St. Albert and the 5 Brothers that lived there. The house was painted Teal and is the inspiration for the logo color along with the Gold of the Metal Emblem.


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