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Uppercase Studio

I choose the word 'Uppercase' for this project. It's the name of my imaginary graphic design studio I dream to open someday and besides this i think it has a lot to offer in terms of letters and how these could work together. So in this case, I have added also the 'Studio' word. The font used is Chalet Comprime.

Tried to integrate the word Studio into the design.

First ideas about how letters from the Uppercase word could be combined/united.

For the moment this what I came with. A high U with a bar that goes acros the PPE. Another small bar that goes over the CA to somehow create a unity with the U bar, the RS bar that it should be the continuity of the E botton bar. Slant it a little.

Added the drop effect.

Tried another version. Without slanting the type on vertical ax but on the horizontal with a big block of drop shadow. Still have to add texture, age the text, maybe change the colors.

Added a paper backgound.


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