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Uppercase Goudy


This is my (almost) final version for the project, I'm not sure I love the background, but I ran out of time to fiddle with it. I had a hard time getting all the "white" out, for some reason , even though I upped the brightness and contrast in photoshop, the paper still scaned as a ton of diffrent "whites" so the select >same>fill color did not work for me, it just cut a few pixles here and there, so I had to manualy go in and grab all the whites, which took FOREVER! And by the time I was done, I didn't have much time to mess with the background pattern ( also hand drawn and scanned in ) . 

All in all it ws a fun project though!

I'm working on doing a lowercase version now, but since "Goudy Stout" does not come in lowercase, I'll have to redraw "Goudy" lowercase letters to match the style of the uppercase. 


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