Upload your ideal Instagram Post - @stargazingdesertretreat

Upload your ideal Instagram Post - @stargazingdesertretreat - student project

The types of images that are posted for this account are always spaces and places as this account is for a rental property in Pioneertown, California. Sometimes we will get photos shared from the renters that we can repost that add that human element to our account.

This property is also for sale which is the main goal for the account at this time, to give the viewers a look into this property and see what could be their new home. We are looking for a buyer for the property, but in the meantime we are looking for renters on Airbnb.

I am looking to increase engagement and reach out to the demographic of a family in the Los Angeles area looking to purchase a luxury home/ranch.



Some examples:

Upload your ideal Instagram Post - @stargazingdesertretreat - image 1 - student project

Upload your ideal Instagram Post - @stargazingdesertretreat - image 2 - student project