Upload Your Ideal Instagram Post

I am a budding author who wants to get a jumpstart on creating my author platform on before my book is finished. Part of my reasons for using social media will be to share in my journey from writing the first draft to the actual publishing process, and dropping tips and tricks for those who want to also write their own stories. I also want to talk about what inspires me, my gaming habits, and share story ideas in the form of writing prompts. I am a huge fan of Canva and I feel I'll be using it a lot, especially for my writing prompt posts. I think this would be an ideal example of that kind of post:


Upload Your Ideal Instagram Post - image 1 - student project


For the caption I would encourage people to comment on what they come up with, whether as a small story or just an idea to toss around so everyone can see what each other has come up with! Hopefully prompts like these can get people's brain juices flowing to come up with story ideas that we can all enjoy.