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Debbie Lamey-MacDonald




Uplift Your Space With Fine Art

A Warm Hello Everyone!

I am a visual artist/writer/teacher from Nova Scotia, Canada. Over the last few years I have been working on building an online presence with my work. All my work is painted from life either in my studio or on location in the beautiful rural areas of my province. I have always been interested in a sense of "space" and how one's enviroment can directly affect them. I am attempting to convey this concept by creating visuals and story of how Fine Art can create a personal and mental retreat within your own space. When I built my new website last year, I tried to express this philosophy in its design. 

This year I will be retiring from 32yrs.of teaching elementary school and am very excited to finally be able to work full time at my passion! Yay! I am taking this course to further develop my skills and knowledge of how to better market my passion!

If you are interested in looking you can find my work at: 


As a sideline I recently started a new Blog called "Small Pauses" a way of seeing that is often a catalyst for new work.


Wishing Everyone Good Luck with their projects!

(Adrift Within, 16x20in. Oil on linen/panel. Painted from a Study completed in McLellan's Mtn. Nova Scotia.)

(A High Perch, 6x12in. OIl on linen/panel. Painted on location in Powell's Pt. Park, Nova Scotia. Canada.)

(Balance, 4x4in. Oil on linen/panel. Miniature Oil Painting painted from life in my studio.)


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