Upgrading the Temple

Hi all, I'm madmetallurgy on Fitocracy.

I've been living with Type 2 diabetes since December 2010, although my blood sugars have been under very good control since my diagnosis thanks to diet and medication. I have gained about 30 pounds since that diagnosis, and while some of it is muscle thanks to a consistent workout ethic through 2011, some of it isn't, thanks to a consistent lack of workout ethic in 2012.

Yesterday, my doctor informed me that I have also developed hypertension, and I've been advised to take medication for that, too. I think it's high time that I committed to changing my lifestyle to make fitness a much bigger part of it, and who knows -- I may be able to drop at least some of the medications.

My primary goal is to improve my blood pressure to below the diabetic target of 130/80, preferably without medication. I would like to be in excellent cardiovascular health to continue to avoid the complications of diabetes for as long as I can.

I would also like to be able to fit into jeans one waist size smaller (32 instead of 34). 

Long-term (someday) goals include competing in an Olympic triathlon (I think I'd be bored by anything longer), and being able to do advanced bodyweight exercises (e.g. handstand pushup, muscle-up, pistol squat, flag), none of which I can currently perform.

Thanks for reading!


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