Updating the Check-in

Updating the Check-in  - student project
The app allows you to know historical, chronological, and interesting info about the places you visit or "check-in" to.
From a street in Paris to a monument in Cairo, from a cafe in San Francisco or a Cathedral in St. Petersburg.
The app will push information in a very easy and digestible way, giving you insights and highlights about the place you are currently in.
You will learn a lot more from every "check-in" and from every place you go to. 
Two ways that you get the info: 
- By checking in 
- By allowing the app to send you push notifications 

Don’t wanna be a local city guide, or recommend things to do, we are just letting people know (a lot) more about places they are already going to.
Bringing to the surface interesting info about “where you are” at this moment in time. These could be actual historical facts or a person’s knowledge (street knowledge).
The biggest database of “city knowledge”  

Uncovering the history of places and venues in your city

Updating the Check-in  - image 1 - student project

- We are not changing any user behaviour
- Delivering info in a beautiful and digestible way
- Extremely simple to use
- Make technology work for you - App should push info  
- Accurate and up to date

Categorizing Places:

-  Monuments - Type of monuments
  • Buildings designed as iconic landmarks
  • Church
  • Cenotaphs and memorials to commemorate the dead
  • Mausoleums and tombs to inter the dead - e.g. the Great Pyramid of Giza and Taj Mahal
  • Monoliths erected for religious or commemorative purposes
  • Mounds erected to commemorate great leaders or events - e.g. Kościuszko Mound
  • Mosque 
  • Etc
Type of info:
For monuments we’ like to deliver facts and historical info:
Chronological, facts, historical moments

-  Entertainment:
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Nightlife
  • Music Venues
  • Sport Arenas
Type of info: For Entertainment we’ like to bring to light interesting info about the place or knowledge that people can only find out through others experiences
Nightclub: Ex: Mick Jagger celebrated his 60th year anniversary here
Restaurant: Francesco Coppola is the owner of this place

-  City
  • Streets
  • Public Transportation
  • General info
  • Neighborhoods
  • Parks
  • Airports
SOMA in SF:: This district has x amount of startups, which includes Twitter, Square, part of Silicon Valley

- Others
  • Companies
  • Supermarkets
  • Malls
  • Hospitals