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Updates to Wanted: Moroccan Coastal Vibe

 Part two updates. After photos of sofa and coffee table. 

Coffee 1. I cannot find my best Moroccan books, so I put in my dog eared National Geographic and I don't like the yellow. I also understand that the turquoise vase is too high vs. the other side. I was looking for a tiny pot for the plant but haven't found anything yet. : ( i love my shoes, don't you? This look is fine, but here's more.....

Coffee 2. I like this but my error is in the placement of the tray, it's a little lop sided. The bracelet is a Moroccan antique that I received when I got engaged in 1987......hahaha. This is hard today for some reason....

Coffee 3. Still loopy-y but I like the shot. Here's my biggest problem, the glass is too tall and I have to included parts in the back that I would rather not. What should I do? I don't like the dead space on the wall and the cord cover of the light. Change angles?

Coffee 4. What do you think? Too much rug?

Coffee 5. So I have included these treasures that I have had in a box for 25 years, from my first visit to Morocco. Before, I could never find less expensive boxes to mount on the wall to show case them. I even had someone make me boxes but I never finished them. Now I know I can find ready made boxes that I can probably add studs and make more Moroccan. My kids just came home and said they we scary. Guess I know what I'm putting in my daughters room tonight after she's asleep. ;) I don't like the height and they are too fragile with dogs. BTW, these are Berber dolls, with authentic costumes including metal ornaments/weapons. 

Here are my pillows on the sofa with Rocket the chihuahua. I need to replace the white one. I know what I want but I haven't had time to purchase them. The coral pillow was added as a Spring thing, I'm not sure what I think. I just wanted more brightness. I don't like the throw, I have a white dingle ball one but my daughter packed it away with the Christmas :( She must not have liked it. Gasp......

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Before Sofa. My sofa is a year old and I don't like it. I noticed in Justina's video, her sofa cushions were covered in a graphic tapestry (for lack of a better word). I likee mucho! I ordered my sofa from a swatch and it is more gold than I wanted. I always feel the need to incorporate a gold shade in the room. I was trying to accomplish basic neutrals and accent with color, style and the ability to change as I wished. I want a much higher back with the cushions not looking so slouchy and sloppy. I dream to reupholster with velvet and studs (not very basic huh?) I want the back cushion much higher and firmer. I have removed all of my old pillow coverings and purchased two sets of basics. I put regular white pillow cases on my large inserts (for Easter company) and it looks really bad....I want more pillows to hide my dreaded couch.

About ME! I'm a seasoned Controller/ Finance Manager in the Construction and Cellular Industries working from home at the moment. Work projects are slow currently, so I have the time to focus on my passion, interior design (Amongst many.....ha!) At 50, I'm trying to semi-reinvent myself. I am an expert in small business ownership and development. I owned my own small business (an Art Retail and Manufacturing business) for 10 years while my children were small. I have since developed other small business in the construction and cellular industry for others as well. The 21st century is an extraordinary time to be in small business.

Sorry, I didn't mean to pontificate like that......

Because I am working so few hours, I am on a terrible shoe string (thank goodness it isn't a rope!) I am addicted to Pinterest, but I do actually use my pins to inspire or copy daily. I used to blog but my site closed down ( two times....gr-r-r) I have a blogger site now but no followers. Hahaha, that is funny! I haven't written in a few years, I just skulk around admiring others magic. Maybe someone will follow me and I will be inspired to write again! What's an exhibitionist without voyeurs?

I am no design expert. I do try to follow designers that I admire in blog and pin. It fuels my soul and passion to see their ideas and work in these amazingly illustrated mediums. I have champagne tastes with a water budget usually. I must be surrounded by pretty things though and I want to make the most of what I do have. Living in SoCal, I have access to the popular Rose Bowl flea market. From necessity I will restore used items.

When my first moved to my condo, two years ago, I had a SoCal Hollywood Regency Glam (with an eclectic mix of Moroccan Coastal) esthetic. Every room is unfinished and I find that I do not have the funds to continue in this style. Maybe I'm tired of it already too. I would like the emphasis to be more Moroccan Coastal. I lived at the beach for 35 years and also in coastal Morocco. I have lots of "stuff" in those themes. I need to find a completed happy blend. Just last week I purchased a new rug, pillows and a smaller ottoman. Everything is missing the cohesion and just looks weird. I also purchased a few new accessories from Homegoods, also another addiction. I keep spending too much on accessories, as they are readily available and continue to live without key furniture pieces because I can't afford what I like and I haven't found used items that I like either or I run out of money before I start searching. I need to find the creativity to execute without spending much. I too am obsessed with gold. I will purchase from IKEA, but only with an amazing hack to follow. Once again, thanks Pinterest.

Snarky Thought. GASP! I am now finally up and running via my dedicated work PC. Gads, If I had known that Skillset wasn't IPad compatible, I wouldn't have taken the class. I have messed around all day to get going here.

8 Principals of Styling Photo via Pinterest. 

1. Need - Extra comfy seating for relaxing. Great view of opposing seating, fireplace and TV.

2. Shape - Round inlay table, square coffee table, pair of chairs square with the coffee table and off center extra chair near plant and window. Arched door.

3. Color - Turquoise in the book, pillow carpet and vase. Bright white, clean and stands out. Warmth from beige neutral carpet.

4. Pattern - Medallion chair fabric and repeated on shade. Stripe on shade as well. (shivers, it's so good).

5. Texture - TWO rugs, Love! Coral. Aged wood on coffee table and ceiling beam. Travertine fireplace. Basket for plant.

6. Placement - Seating to view fireplace and TV. The inlaid table between two chairs, holds beverages (if I allowed anyone to drink in this lusciousness)

7. Bling - Shells, Moroccan lantern and studs.

8. Botanicals - Fiddle leaf tree and rubber tree sprigs in the vase.

My project is open concept, it is very small though. It includes my living and dining room and the area below can be seen from the living space.

 Console Before Photo. Stairwell Temporary Table......yuck. I love the prints with the bold black and white. I actually have three but no ladder to hang the last one. I painted the frames gold but badly. My son knocked over the pile and broke all of the glass, so there's no glass. Vase too big, pussy willows too small, can't decide what to paint the head. I guess chalk paint is the rage, but I'm not sure what color so everything remains beige...haha. This needs some serious style. I would love a graphic runner on the stairs. This needs so much jhuuuuujjjj.

Inspiration.This is my original inspiration. I love the frame, gold with antiqued cream. I love the beige but especially the image. I purchased this for my mother on my first trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Thirty years ago....gasp.

Inspiration. My draperies also inspired me, in teal and faux dupioni. The shell tassel is a treasure I found at Homegoods.

This is the dining room and I feel very stuck with this room. 

Shelving Before Photos - this is built in and the best thing about my condo. I just edited it and removed a lot things. I want to add mirrors to the back but cannot afford it. Second best would be to paint it a color, but the color is a mystery. Some shade of light teal???

Each shelving section.

New coffee table. In my desperate need for storage, I just purchased this bench. It still has the price tag on it and can be returned.

Coffee Table Before. As if a close up will make it look better. What I had quick access to for Easter.

Coffee Table Before.

Foyer Before. Is the golden Buddha weird? It was gold like the couch and cheap.

More Foyer Before. I just purchased a bunch more plants to fill things I guess. I need pots. duh

Before Table.Sorry it still has Easter gifts on it. Hottt mess table that I purchased at a garage sale for $20. It's Hollywood Regency. I want to paint it but my daughter likes it ragged. Someone pulled off the drawer (after I purchsed) and it's missing part of a foot. I was going to buy brass "slippers" to cover the chopped foot. That's what they're called, right? I originally wanted a tall chest to use for serving and a bar.

Favorite Item. LOVE the gold, studs, dark wood and dry brushed gold too.

Art Before. From last years trip to Belize and a new gift from Maroc. Frame needs a little gold?

M.I A. Before. The infamous spot where chairs belong. I need a pair. I do NOT like the shelf.

Hard to Style Before. Giant chest, but I like it. I use plants on one side to soften it.

Entry from Garage Before. Plant softeners and my poorest design execution. I admied the texture of the tray and I thought it would help disguise too many controls on the wall. I just stuck it up there and it doesn't cover both of the controls. Work in progress.....

Bed before. I downloaded thiinjustice in time. Because it always looks like this or worse. Ha!

New Mantra. I do not want to be too literal and excessive on the coastal. No more shell puchases!!! Oh wait, I do want a sea fan.

All photos taken with my IPhone 5. I know that I'm really lacking in the photo department. I would LOVE to purchase Photoshop but a new camera is out this year.

Inspire. You....me


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