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Updates: Assignment #2 included / Assignment #1: Mood Board

Below are some of the photos I shot of an artist friend of mine, Yodith, since watching the video modules:

I really liked how these turned out, but when thinking of what Jonathan mentioned in his module, about the "truth" of a photo, I really think this last shot really captures Yodith's bubbly personality. She's hilarious and always has great stories to tell. Although I am glad that I was able to pull something else from her, I do think this last photo is closer to how she usually acts.


I included some of my favorite photographers whose portraits really inspire me. (Eve Arnold, Garance Dore, Roy DeCarava, Dorothy Hong and Elizabeth Weinberg.) I'm really drawn to natural light, candid poses, and the overall feeling of a moment being captured rather than created, even though I know some of these had to have been directed to a certain extent. These are the kind of images I've been striving for on my own---technically excellent and also evocative on an emotional level.


I attached some of my own work below; just to give a point of reference of where I am now and how I'd like to keep pushing, get better, and really start thriving as a photographer.

My friend Renina, blogger and PhD candidate

Members of Little Dragon

Members of the D.C. rock band Redline Graffiti

My friend Denise

girl in San Francisco


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