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Updated - nightstand and bed

I know this is really delayed, but work and personal obligations kept me busy towards the end of last week. I did work a little on my nighstands and bed. I really only changed how the pillows are situated on the bed - I'm lookng for throw pillows but am having some difficulty committing. The ones I like have a pattern to them, and our bedding already has a pattern. I like the idea of mixing the two - just want to make sure it's correct.

I've made good progress with the nightstands but still have work to do. I have an idea of what artwork I'd like over the bed and am hoping to replicate the look I posted from my 8 principles picture - the artwork behind the nighstands.

I think my favorite improvement was my coffee table and sofa - and I think those make the biggest impact on our living space right now. This class has inspired me to keep working on our house and I'm not tackling the bookshelves in our office - which I thought I was happy with. Turns out, they need some style! Would still love any comments or feedback!

Here is my nightstand, which is already a great improvement.

Here's my husband's nightstand - I still have some work to do on this side.

This was the most difficult one so far. I chose to tackle the shelves in our media console, which are deep and also behind glass. I already had a few baskets in there to hold DVDs, and ended up leaving those on the shlves alone. Whenever I tried to add anything by them, I wasn't happy. Maybe it was too crowded? Would love some thoughts! The center shelves hold the media equipment, so I focused on the left and right ones. Here is one:

And the detail. I think I need some botanicals for the basket - will be heading out this weekend to look for those (wish I had more time during the week!):

Here's the other side. I'm not quite as happy with this one. I've tried many different options but still haven't quite figured it out.

Here's the detail. The framed photograph is disguising a box that holds our extra remotes (we have 4 - does anyone else have this problem?!).

Sofa - after. I used pillows and balnket that I currently own. I may need a couple more pillows - smaller or different shape - but I haven't found any I like yet.

And here's the console. I'm not sure I love the final product, but I'm going to live with it for awhile. This was the most difficult one so far - I really struggled with it.

Here's the latest version of my console - is there too much bling? I'm still trying to decide...

OK - this is still a *slight* work-in-progess as I have three more trays below the coffee table that I still need to style. But I'm happy with how the top is looking so far! I used my dog (since he chose to sleep on his bed) and wine glass (since it is a Friday night) as life.

The "bling" is spiked objects from One Kings Lane - I think they are pretty unique. And the parrot is a gift from my husband - something he brought back from Brazil.

The bowl is vintage - found at one of my favorite local design shops.

Finally, I am stil struggling with what plants my cat will not bother. So I went with peacock feathers for now (although he has already tried to eat these!).

Need: small basket on night stand

Shape: round lamp and square frames provide a nice contrast

Color: lamp and wall

Pattern: pillow on bed, fabric behind bed

Texture: fabric behind bed

Placement: artwork on walls is a a dramatic statement, especially pieces placed behind nightstand

Bling: gold frames, gold accent on lamp also draws your attention to lamp and artwork

Botanicals: small vase of white flowers is a goods contrast to bold wall color

Here are the before pictures of our bed. I absolutely love the bedding - but it needs some help! A little too boring for my taste, and I haven't had time to focus on it.

These shelves are in our media console - I haven't been able to figure out what to do with them yet.

Coffee table and sofa (across from the media console). We invested in a nice sectional, and my father-in-law built the coffee table for us. I love it - just not sure exactly what to put on/under it. And it needs to be pet-friendly, as my cat sits there alot and the dog has a crazy tail!

Console table behind the sofa. I like a few of these items - it's just missing some style. Again, I have to be careful as the cat jumps up here frequently and likes to rub on some of these items. He's broken two pictures elsewhere in the house, so I need to be cautious.


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