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[Updated and LIVE] Emergency Preparation: How to prepare for an emergency

This is actually an initial project designed around preparing for an emergency in order to keep you and your family (including pets) safe in case of a natural or man-made emergency.  This first class and project is molded around beginning to develop a plan for your local area, what things to look for, how in depth to plan, and what comes after developing a simple plan.  Follow on classes will explore more facets of preparation in more focus.

Added this to the discussion but I guess it needed to be added here to?!  Course Outline

Finished my intro video, give it a look and see what you think:  Class intro (updated)

Ok.. So the class is live (since yesterday) and I am updating the wrong discussions!!!

Here is the link:  Developing your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Give it a look and see what you think..  Lots of ideas on how to progress from here, but first class, so....


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