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Updated - added new drawings

Added new drawings.


My second drawings, July 25th-

I wanted to post as separate project but I can't find how to add as new instead I had to add this drawings as an update to my first post.

I started this drawings by drawing shapes first on the page, and after I started drawing I had to erase all the pencil mark because I was feeling stuck and for some reason the ideas weren't flowing as well, I felt stuck with the shapes. After erasing, I was able to draw quicker and ideas were flowing naturally. 

below are the new drawing




My first drawings - July 24th.

I think this still needs a few more touches but I wanted to post, I will post another project.

I started just playing around with shapes after watching the videos 2 times, I love it that they are very simple and short to follow. I started drawing while I was in bed lying face up, not a very comfortable position to be drawing, but couldn't wait till next day to start. I didn't have a good lighting so I couldn't see that the marker I was using the ink wasn't intense enough. Also it is easy to see the areas where I started first because my drawings look a little stiff. 

Next day I went back to my drawings sitting at a park near home, nice weather and sunny out that is when I noticed the marker ink, so I changed markers with darker black ink, and smoother feel. I was running out of ideas at one point, but I didn't feel like stopping, instead I followed Jane advise and kept drawing pretty much same shapes, that eventually turned out to other shapes as I finished filling the page and filling shapes here and there.





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