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Updated Pattern Portfolio by Michelle Grace

I am leaving this a little late as our deadline is tomorrow! But I wanted to share that I was so inspired by this course that I have since added a 2nd collection and have been able to set up my own shops on Society6 and Spoonflower!! I have to give thanks to my fellow coursemate, Heather, who helped me understand how to convert colours and sizings to upload to these sites - Thank you!!

I do consider this course to be the foundations of all I do now and I love to come back and revisit the video's. I will make my portfolio as a hardback version especially now that I have the opportunity to use my fabric samples that I am hoping to order soon from Spoonflower!

Here is a screen shot of what I have prepared so far as an addition to my existing online portfolio!


I have included photographs that I took on a recent trip to Portugal which is my inspiration for this collection entitled; "Cliff Top Garden", my new pattern names and 2 different colourways. The mock ups are of products that I now have for sale in Society6 and soon to be available on Spoonflower and I have included screen shots of my new shops (though I won't used these in my Portfolio!).

This link to my new Society6 shop is here!!-


and Spoonflower:


Day 2 of update

I have worked very hard over the last 2 days to try to meet our deadline and to have my portfolio ready to print and re-upload to Issuu with an added collection! I did it!! Not quite to the deadline and also had technical prpblems when uploading online as my file size has increased to 195MB!!! Well, that will be all the extra pages!! Not to worry as my portfolio is ready to be made into a book and I can't wait to add samples of material from my new online shop! Yay, thanks for everything Bonnie!

Here are some screen shots of how it's looking now:







I am so glad I created this collection and it was fun to paint by the poolside on holiday and sketch lovely flowers! Portugal is somewhere we have visited many times with our family and has some very special memories for us. I hope this is translated in my collection!



Here are my original project notes;

This is my 3rd class with Bonnie Christine and it is hard to believe that I had never even dabbled in illustrator a month ago!!

For the last year I have been learning Photoshop though felt there were somehow limitations with it though as a designer who has always painted I was told it was the best way to translate my art digitally!

I really took the plunge with the From Pattern to Portfolio Challenge telling myself that it's now or never and I have to start my career as a Freelancer, afterall, it's what I was born to do!! I have previously worked with a design agency for 10 years who gave me little freedom of expression! It is a relevation to now be working from my own photographs and sketching from my heart! My eyes are now open!

These courses have given me the encouragement to fulfill my dreams and a means of becoming recognized! I can not begin to show my appreciation and although I have worked very hard throughout my two children's Summer holiday (getting up at the crack of dawn and working late) it has been utterly worth it! I am proud of what I have achieved in so little time!

My Portfolio

Front cover :

For this I tried to paint my name though was not completely happy with how it looked and I do hope to work on my logo more to make sure it's perfect.

Contents page :

My portfolio is based on my first collection from the last course, Surface Pattern 2.0. I will add to it as soon as I get my next collections together!


Next, I introduced my sketches and a little bit of my inspiration (though I could fill a portfolio with that alone!)



The timing of this project was perfect as I am also a dance teacher and one of my young students has just left to start infant school (I teach preschooler's) and gave me this beautiful bouquet of roses!

I then included a page with my collection's title and pattern names. My collection is all about flowers in Summertime and how the scents can provoke memories of childhood Summers that seemed to last an eternity. A favourite pastime of mine and now my Daughter's is to collect petals and make a perfume "potion".


I used a translucent box behind the lettering to make the writing easier to read though still get a feel for the pattern behind which is based on the form of lavender flowers in an abstract way.

My Patterns in two colourways. One fresh and light ;


...and one heady and hypnotizing ;


I have had lots of fun creating some mockups though would love to see the real thing!


My Contact page ;


I have just uploaded my online portfolio and I am so excited!


Thank you for viewing what I have created!

I am hoping to add to my portfolio though I am off on my holidays now to sunny Portugal! I'm so glad I completed this before the deadline and shall look forward to creating a handmade copy and adding more collections!


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