[Updated Outline for August Challenge] Baby Bandana: Learn the Fundamentals of Your Sewing Machine

Hi everyone! I'm excited to be putting this class together for the August challenge. I've always enjoyed teaching, but have never tried teaching a craft topic in a formal setting.

In this class, I want to attempt to explain sewing with a machine from the very beginning without assuming any preliminary knowledge. I've tried to teach a few friends over the years and the challenge was always to not overload them with information and to start with a simple, but interesting project. Let's see how this turns out!

Class Title

Baby Bandana: Learn the Fundamentals of Your Sewing Machine

Class Description

Learn all the basics of sewing with a machine in this short class. We'll start at the very beginning with this class, and at the end you'll be able to confidently move on to other classes and more advanced projects!

I love to sew and would like to share my knowledge with you. So, if you have a sewing machine that's been accumulating dust for a few years, pull it out of the back of your closet and let's get stitching!

No previous knowledge required for this class.

Class Outline



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