Updated! - Loud - Downtown Los Angeles

I am so terrible! I missed the deadline - D'OH but here's my finished project! I hope some people will get to see it : )

03.25.13 - 

Went back in and conceptuzlied a little bit more with my sketches. I think I know which ones to pick for which category but feel free to let me know what you guys all think! This week I'm taking the chosen ones and illustrating them! I'm so excited to bring color into this! 

(Where are my DTLA city dwellers at!? So I am undoubtedly in love with Downtown Los Angeles in every way shape and form. I went to school out here and now work/live here and enjoying every second of it. I've been meaning to illustrate something for my admiration of the city so I thought why not do it now? And how fitting were the chosen words!? It was clearly meant to be! :) 

You'll have to excuse the photo, I didn't bring my scanner out here.

I decided that my interpretation of "Loud" would be the every day things I've heard here in the city . Some of the things I listed were (1) Buses (2) Trains (3) Cars (4) People (5) Sirens. Of course, there are other things that amplify the life here but those were the ones that I felt were the loudest. 

I definitely want to go towards a modular piece with this one and in each piece I would depict the size based on which one I think is the loudest (so on and so forth) I also want to challenge myself and decided that in each square I was going to crop it down to a minimal illustration (For example, for siren - Instead of showing the entire car I would just show the siren. In a way it's strong enough to communicate the point across but stays minimal -- does that make sense?) 

Anyways, those are my sketches. Comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! :) 

I'm so excited for this class!


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