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(Updated & Live!) Squarespace Basics- From Idea to Launch!

So, I joined this class with EVERY intention of getting this done by March 15th. Uses time wisely? Check minus. BUT hopefully, this is still a great class that can help a lot of people. 

Class title: Squarespace Basics- From Idea to Launch!

Class description:  Squarespace is a SUPER powerful tool, but can be daunting if you've never used it before. In this course, we'll build a basic Squarespace site. Our video walkthroughs together will include a tour of the tools available to you, steps to sucessful page building, social media integration and best practices!

By the time you finish this class, you'll have built a modern, polished looking website for yourself, your business or any other topic you might be interested in. 

Project Title: Build a great new website on the topic of your choice!

Project Description:


If you've ever had an idea for a project, a business or even just wanted to build a personal site, this class is for you. In four lessons, you'll go from registering for an account to making your site live.

In this class, I'll specifically be teaching you how to set up a one-page scrolling site. When you're done, your site will have a great modern look and an updated feel....no matter what the content is. 


For your final project, you will build a personal or business website using the Hayden template that achieves these four objectives: 

  • Build at least one index of two pages and two additional pages with at least three photos and one text box each

  • Build and set up one contact box

  • Sucessfully integrate at least one social media account

  • Create at least one gallery of photos



A link to my video lesson outline

My introduction video

A link to your final published class: It's live!


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