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Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



Updated Channel Vision

  • How would you describe your skill-set or approach?

Describing my Skill Set: Emphasis on digital skills, AKA Photoshop and Illustrator. I like to take an approach where I’m teaching everything step by step, something  which I would have appreciated as a student myself. The classes should allow me to go forward, rewind, skip stuff according to my skill set, but in the end should allow me to walk away with a definite addition in my portfolio.


  • What topic areas have worked best so far?

The Topic area that has worked so far has been Low Poly Art. It is something that looks overtly complicated but I like to believe I gave a very detailed breakdown on how one can draw out this particular skill set. What helped was that this was an up and upcoming trend at this point and I was able to give a very detailed outlook to this.


  • What does your student profile look like? Who is your target student/audience?

My Student Profile looks to be someone who wants to expand his/her skill set! They should know the very basics of Adobe software, but ideally my channel would be the perfect place where they can learn, as I try and target all levels.


  • How do you want students to feel when taking your classes?

It should be engaging enough that they want to attend the whole of the class and learn something, something that motivates them to go through the whole class and want to learn something in their spare time. My approach so far has been giving pretty short classes on topic, but now I want to change this outlook and give a detailed class from beginning to end of a topic.


  • What are a few words you want your audience to associate with your content?


Detailed, Beginner, Focuses on trends, Valuable Skill, New Techniques


Based on the prompts above, write 2-3 sentences describing the vision for your Skillshare channel:

My Channel should be a place where students come to learn and hone their skills in the most basic software of Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have learnt from experience that knowing different skills are an important step to creating a diverse portfolio and staying at mar with the market, a knowledge I want to impart my students.



Class Topic Plan







Hey peeps. So I wanted to update my class project to my latest class. I find the task of trending very daunting. Out of all the classes I've published, it has only happened once.


I think building a strong Skillshare class is very difficult. Unless you don't have a very big skillshare following, your class will not trend. If your class does not trend, you will not get very big following. I try to maintain a consistent channel.

I know my content is liked because I get very good reviews and within 3 days of publishing this class I got positive reviews with people looking forward to what I'm teaching next.

Can anyone give me some advice on what to do next?


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