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Updated: Before shots

Entry 2: the dreaded before (aka now you know why I'm taking this class)

I think the style that most fits mine is "modern scandinavian with pops of color"...it won't be evident in these pictures...but I'm hoping with this class I'll be able to figure out ways to make things a lot better than they are. 

I would say "this is where the magic happens", but it seems a little corny, so I won't. :) It's my favorite room, though. My office. Behind me is a beige sleeper thing that I might be able to style nicely, we'll see. 

My bookshelf is in a closet with removed doors...so it's appropriately umm...challenging. 

Here is a hard learned lesson in giving a guy you date an unfinished coffee table for his bday: Don't. You might end up moving in together. He likely won't "finish" it, and also, because it's a lift-top you'll never ever get him to give it up. 

Also, don't like the rug, or the lamp in the background (or the kitchen, but i can't change that)..or the beigeness of the couch (I'll have to work around it):

We have the weirdest shaped walls. The black area around the tv...don't ask...once upon a time there was a stacked slate entertainment center around the TV...but then we got a new TV, so obviously that had to go, because apparently if you can hang a TV on the wall, you should. 

One thing that is really lovely about our place is all the beautiful light we get. :) And the gorgeous wood floors. 

Also...on the upside (to all the negatives mentioned above) there is a whole lot of room for improvement, so things are bound to get better. :) 

Entry 1: 8 styles applied

I'm not sure I picked the best picture for this assignment, because technically no one really lives there, and the stunning architecture is really what drew me to this first, but I do think at least 7 of 8 principles are in play here. 

First, the one I'm not sure about: Needs. It has is a living room, and has a table to set stuff down on, but beyond that I don't really know what the needs are as they were described in the video that might be in play here. I'm guessing maybe accomodating a lot of people, since there is so much seating available.

Shape. I think the use of different shapes is really cleverly done. The couches and rug and side tables are very "rectangular", but the coffee table breaks that up, as do the chairs on either side of the room. 

Texture. The soft sheepskin, the blankets on the couch (as well as the couch itself, I guess) and the rug break up the smooth and hard textures of the floor, the table and the coffee table.

Color. The rug pulls in yellows from the chairs, and in addition to the green on the rug, plants and even the outside a bit I think these colors pop nicely from the otherwise muted colors going on in here. I also love the pop of pink on the blankets on the couch. 

Bling. I can't tell from here, but I think the glasses on the coffee table are decorative. The candelabra on the table at the end as well as the ceramics on there are probably placed for "bling" effect. :)

Botanicals. Plants. Check

Pattern: The floor the rug and the blankets on the couch all have patterns that I think work well together.  The couch might be able to suffer a few pillows to bring in some more, though. 

Placement: I love the placement of the chairs at the table, and the chairs on the other side of the couches are lined up so they look like a neat pair, which works pretty well for me. 


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