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Halley Gray

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Updated B&A Coffee Table!

The vase + succulent is a happy accident and it is my fave part of this arrangement. 

Sidenote: taking pictures of coffee tables is tricky. 

Update: I just bought this glorious print after lusting after it for ages (etsy shop I bought it from). I can't wait to get it!!! I want to make it the centerpiece of my living room. 


BEHOLD! One of the tiniest flats in existence. Meet the entryway/laundry room/pantry combo that delights the senses!

Open plan all the way! Kitchen + lounge from end of entryway

Who hasn't heard of a three burner stove? ... (pointing at self) This guy ... before I moved here 

We have a plethora of paintings. The one in the corner is of me and my mom (before she passed away last year). My favorite attempt at interior decorating so far? The two rows of bright postcards + tiny paintings that I hung up. There's some cool old bright movie posters ones - Super-Science! And Tin Tin. 

I tried to use the narrow dark hallway. I cut out a large tropical fish shape painted it bright blue and used it for budgeting. Semi-win. 

Bedroom is cozy but not a lot of light. Used the space underneath to house an extensive wardrobe and beat moths from dining on it. 

Lots of room for improvement and really looking forward to this class!

I love illustration & bright colors & geeky goodness & comfy spaces & simple design.

Picture found here


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