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Updated: After Pictures.

My Five Key Areas- After Photos
After Pictures Coffee Table
I have a pretty small living room. I needed a coffee table that fit in well. I decided on a clear one because it takes up little visual space and I love my over dyed rug and didn't want to cover them up. i have the best smelling candle on my coffee table, fresh flowers always, coasters, tarot cards (guests always open them up and look at them) and wish papers. The tray is a necessity to hold all of these things. Mast Brothers (local NYC chocolate) and a glass of wine sum up nights in my apartment. In moderation of course!

After Pictures Couch
Frankie, the pooch, loves the comfy cozy couch. I needed to add color in this room so bright South Western inspired pillows did the trick. They match the large painting above the couch.

After Pictures Console
This was so far my favorite to style. I think because it needed to be more functional than the other spaces. It is functional but with a lot of pretty still. The flowering branches are my favorite botanical so far. The painting above the console is a necessity bc it hides the electrical box.

After Pictures Bookcase
The bookcase was my most challenging styling project. It is has to serve multi purposes- bar, bookshelf and necessity to hold my bathroom toiletries (in the wicker basket). The two paintings above the bookcases hide a non-functional buzzer and thermostat. 

After Pictures Bed
Ahhh, my sanctuary! I love my bed now. It's so comfortable and inviting. After a lonnnnng day of work (it seems like those are really common nowadays), it's the first place I want to go.  I think this is the biggest makeover I have preformed in this styling course. I still have a few rooms to go, but this is the proudest I (and my boyfriend) have been of our home. 

The Eight Principles of Styling
source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com
I really loved this snapshot from a living room makeover by Emily Henderson. It has great color and pattern, plus natural elements mixed with brass accents. She used a stool as a side table, which is so functional and multi-purpose.  This snapshot is a great glimpse into the rest of the room/house.
Before Photos- 5 Key areas of my apartment
I moved to NYC a little under two years ago after graduation to pursue a career in fashion. With this move came some sacrifices- like giving away 90% of my possessions and paying a lot more in rent for a lot less. Although, the plus side to this is that I get to re-buy everything. Also, with paying a lot for rent and it not being your dream apartment/home, you tend to value your space way more and spend more energy making it adorable- AKA hiding all of the mistakes/flaws that your management company won't fix! With that being said, my apartment is a constant work in progress- a labor of love...
Console Entry Way


Coffee Table



It has come a long way since we moved into the new apartment in September, but still has a long way to go! Thanks for looking!


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