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I´m planning another Photoshoot which I want to be a little bit more structured than the last one. Today I was outside for scouting a location and made a Moodboard. So far I got a model and the location. My model has lavendar colored hair and I think it will look awesome in combination with snow. 

First of all I want to say sorry for my english. I am from Austria so my english is, let`s say a little bit halting. (Got that last word out of a dictionary ;)

My inspiration for this shoot simply came from the first falling snow here in Austria and the wonderful landscape. I went to a place were I`ve never been before and found something magical. That`s the reason why I called this set of images "Searching for wonderland". 

For the outfit I took a look at the colors of the landscape and found this dress in my wardrobe. I thouhgt it would look perfect with the brown hat and the golden necklace out in the wood.

If you want to see the whole set check out my Facebook page:



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