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Update the 'Form Your LLC Checklist' Template

Form a LLC Business: Empower Your Passion

Love to have fun? Empower your passion by forming a business entity. The legitimacy of a business entity often helps people be more successful with their contractor work, by providing legitimacy for clients. A LLC also provides liability protection, for what you own! The class project is to update the ‘Form Your LLC Checklist Template’ with the information needed for your business. If you are not ready to form a legal business, your project is a fantastic plan to have completed for the future.

9 Steps to Form Your LLC (Limited Liability Company)

I love to organize complex information into a format that people can use to move their passion into a business and be successful. Creating a LLC business is often something people do without a lawyer and filled with confusion. I have organized this information into 9 steps and simplified the tasks into an easy to understand infographic. I then realized that this would create the backbone of a skillshare course!

I am creating the project template, which is a checklist of these steps that outlines the information that should be gathered and tasks completed at each step. Students will complete the checklist template and there is a video for each step, as explained in my course outline, linked here: CLICK HERE FOR COURSE OUTLINE

Checklist and video coming soon! Thoughts appreciated! 



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