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Update: class launched, trending top-20 on Skillshare!

Hi guys,

(This class is now live, and is current trending top-20 on Skillshare. Thanks for your support!)


Skillshare pays teachers for two different activities... "royalties" for premium members watching our premium classes, and for generating "premium referrals". 

We think that teachers often overlook the income potential from premium referrals. We've managed to get well over 100 people to take a premium trial of Skillshare in 2017 using only free traffic sources, which has earned us over $1,000. We now earn more from referrals than from royalties each month. 

In our new class we'll take a detailed look at the Skillshare Premium Referral program, how it works and what we've done to earn referrals in 2017.

Would you find that an interesting class? :-)

Neil and Linda.



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