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Update: bookshelf - work in progress

Bookshelf - restyling still in progress

Puuhhhh - I'm running out of time and won't manage finalizing the restyling of my bookshelf and the bed. But I've feel so much inspired by this course and will surely restyle all the 5 key areas again and again. If you are interested to see how things go ahead, I would be happy to welcome you to my blog www.azurweiss.de from time to time. 

With this detail pic of my half ready bookshelf I wanna say good bye. Thank you so much, Justina, for this wonderful course sharing knowledge, ideas and inspiration! I had such a great time and learned a lot. And thank you class mates for all the insights into your homes. Keep on styling! All the best, Sabine 

Console after:

Today I restyled my console in the living room. It's almost purely black and white with only some color dots (botanicals, apples, typo and details on the plate and the porcelain containers). Even added a tiny little bling (a roll of golden washi tape). 


Coffee table after:


I've just finished restyling my coffee table. As I wanted to keep it light and airy I chose white, a little bit of black and added a small gold colored vase as a bling. The bright orange of the small paper boat seems to double the gold of the vase.

Sofa after: 

Currently working on the restyling of my sofa and the coffee table. I decided to keep the white/black/green color palette. (You can see the before pics below). I removed some of the pillows and the green dotted tray has moved from the coffee table to the sofa. A little still life is adding color, shape, texture, botanicals and bling (my bling is the green colored vintage liquor glass).


The 8 principles of styling

I tried to style part of my home office following the 8 principles of styling - here we go:

Needs: I'm using this area for creative working, DIY-projects and for reading my texts before sending them to my customers. The table has to be kept empty, so that I can start working there any time without putting away tons of stuff.

Color: Being a fan of white, all walls, most of the furniture and porcelaine in our house are white. I like putting some color by using accessoires which can be removed quickly. At the moment I like black and white with dots of green and ice blue.

Placement: The pictures are placed quite symmetrically. The white vases on the right are placed like a mini collection of three.

Shape: I tried to balance rectangular, round and organic shapes.

Pattern: Being a fan of solids styling with patterns isn't easy for me and I'm not sure if there are too many patterns. I'm thinking about removing the small blue/green gift tag which is placed in the middle of the wall.

Texture: Texture is added by the relief pattern of the green vase on the left, by the white vases on the right and by the 3D-effects of the landscape and the fish poster on the left.

Botanicals: I added some spring flowers and some paper blooms.

Bling: My bling (I love this word!) is a little bit of gold in the vase with the paper flowers.


Before photos of my 5 key areas to be restyled:

1. Console in the living room

I love our sideboard in the living room and would love to style it a little more vividly.

2. Bookshelf in the corridor

This book shelf is inserted directly into the wall. I need it to store some books and magazines but would love to display interesting objects. Maybe my collection of vintage vases?

3. Bedroom

I'd like to restyle the sleeping room in white - without making it boring.


We have a quite big coffee table as we love sitting on the sofa, having drinks and food around us while reading or watching TV. The table also serves as storage for magazines. I like a clean and reduced style but I think something's missing.


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