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Update - The Modern Lover

After Sofa 

I had some difficulty balancing my bergundy sofa with my current decor. It took me several tries over 2 days. Here's a secret - I only own 4 pillows, so I ended up covering 3 of them with tea towels to have more pattern options.

After Console 

I tried to make my console a little less austere by adding some color and softer shapes, while retaining a few Scandinavian modern pieces.

After Coffee Table

I decided to try 3 different styles: Scandinavian modern, Japanese, and colorful Bohemian. Please feel free to make any suggestions. Thanks for visiting!


Greetings! Here's a little background. My name is Yoshiko, and I moved into a townhouse a year and a half ago. It's come a long way from being a wall-to-wall shag carpeted 70s relic to a home that I now love. However, I don't feel like it's completely come together yet. I'm hoping that Justina's expertise and the know-how of my fellow peers will help me with the final transformation of my home. My taste veers towards Scandinavian modern. I like lots of natural light, wood, and clean lines - modern, but not sterile. Just relaxed and a little playful.

This dining room photographed by Joe Schmelzer is an interesting example of the 8 Principles of Styling.

Needs - dining area (eating) and bench (relaxing).

Shape - bulbous vase offsets the circular (pendant light and table) and rectangular (bench and art) shapes that dominate the room.

Color - the red and blue in the artwork brings in subtle color to a mostly rich wood palette.

Pattern - supplied by the various pieces in the gallery wall. Also, there's contrast in pattern with the grain of the hard wood floor and chairs.

Texture - the leather chair softens the room.

Placement - gallery wall is asymmetrical & gives movement.

Bling - silver table & chair legs add brightness to all the wood.

Botanicals- oversized Philodendron leaves gives a welcoming feel to a modern room.


Please excuse my blurry iPhone photos.

When we initially moved in to our home, I thought that I was going for a classic mid-century modern look. The current style of the house has been achieved by trial and error, and there's definitely been some choices that I've regretted since I didn't have a clear plan. After living here for over a year, I've come to realize that Scandinavian modern is more my aesthetic - airy, clean, and natural. I hope to refine my furnishings in the next couple of years, budget permitting. 

"Before" sofa  photo. This is my current, ratty couch, which has been torn up by my cat. I added the pillows in an attempt to hide the couch and unify the colors a bit more. This couch is being replaced by the Reese sofa from Room and Board later this month. See the image below:

"Before" console photo. I'll see if I can take a better photo tomorrow. ;) I have a little bar set up on my console with some Scandinavian-inspired teak accessories. Next to that, there's a palm tree on a side table.

"Before" bookshelf photo. My bookshelf is pretty much functional - just crammed with lots and lots of books. These are the few cubby holes that have enough space for decorations. The monkey was a wedding gift. There's a childhood photo of my husband with his mom and his sister that's dear to both of us. The Japanese tea tin on the bottom right corner was the only thing that fit the slender space.

"Before" coffee table photo. To be honest, I haven't styled the coffee table yet, since I was waiting for my new couch to see what would match it. I know I definitely want a nice plant, maybe a bowl, some books, and a candle on the table. When I style this table for the class, I'll just use some stuff I already have.

"Before" sewing/music room picture. This is the table I use for cutting fabric and patterns. I've decorated the room with artwork from my husband and friends, old singles, sheet music, and sewing patterns. 


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