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Jody Hume




Update: Re-Styling in Oakland

We live in a one bedroom Craftsman in Oakland. I love a lot about the way our house is styled, but my main challenge is that we have a lot of stuff (some of which is functional but not cute) in a small space, so it can be crowded and cluttered. I'd like it to look more organized and minimal, and to punch up areas that are a bit lacking.

Bookcase Before: in need of de-cluttering and reorganization.

Bookcase After: Waaaay less clutter, much easier to look at. We've still got to find places for a lot of the stuff we edited out :)

Coffee Table Before: It's a cute shape, but overflowing with magazines and could use a little something.

Coffee Table After: I cleared out hoarded reading material that stretched back an embarassingly long time (it's hard letting go of unread, interesting sounding New Yorker articles!! I actually made myself tear out the ones I wanted to read so I could get rid of the magazines). The remote control tray is so necesary.  I think the coffee table could still use a bit more, maybe in the texture department - I'm going to keep my eye out for a runner or piece of fabric that might work - but it's definitely better than before!

Console: I love all the things on our console (my favorite is probably my signed Loretta Lynn lucky cat), but there may be too many of them. It definitely meets our record storage needs (at least for now), but maybe there's some other functional purpose it could serve as well? Also, obvs hate the giant white heater. I can't move it or make it disappear. Any ideas on how to minimize it?

Sofa: I went crazy for kilim pillows but never got rid of any other pillows and now there are just too many pillows. I also think this space could benefit from some botanicals.

Bed: I think our bedroom could use some textural elements.


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