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Update: Principles of interior styling in my home

Hello, my name is Magda and I am the founder of interior design blog nice&nicer http://www.niceandnicer.com/. Happy to be here and learn from so many talented people around the globe!

I will be greateful for your feedback on my styling and photography. Thank you!

3. Bookshelf styling

Instead of restyling my bookshelves (it would take me a year to do so, because it is huuuuge and some major decisions about the future of some things have to be made), I decided to restyle a shelf that is located in my kitchen, above the stove. I did not want this shelf to be cluttered with kitchen utensils, instead, I aimed for a look as if the shelf were not in the kitchen. Since our dining area is located in the kitchen, the color scheme on the shelf mirrors the palette in the dining corner. And surprise, surprise! It is yellow, red and blue again (I think, due to the long and gray winter in Germany, I'm in need of bright, happy colors!)



2. Console styling


Here are some picture of the face lift that my credenza/dresser got today. I have to tell you that I do not like this dresser at all, but since it is still at our place, I gave it a chance by restyling. Maybe one day I will paint it dark to give it more character. My vignette is about my beloved Istanbul, where I spent few months during my studies. It serves as a display for my Istanbul vintage b&w postcards and guide books. Memories :). Since the coffee table and the dresser are in the same room, I decided to echo the color palette from previous styling.

Let me know what you think! Thanks!


1. Coffe table styling

So here is my coffee table re-wamped! I will be happy to hear your feedback/suggestions.

This is a very basic IKEA coffee table, which is not going to stay with us much longer. We actually have two of them. In the before photo, you see a table in a different color, it is the same model, but I just took white one for the after photos. The purpose of my coffee table is to provide place for books and journals, so that I can take notes/draw, leaving me enough space for a cup of hot tea.


You all liked my dog so much, so I added another shot with my little furry friend.

once more, here comes before :).

Hello! Here comes my analysis of a space taking into consideration 8 principles of styling.

design: Samantha Pynn, http://www.samanthapynn.com/interiors/

Needs: This area has been designed for relaxing, having coffee or reading. The furniture set includes couch/lounger and armchair, which provide enough sitting for a group of people, as well as big round coffee table.

Shapes: Collection of contrasting shapes: big round coffee table vs. straight line sitting furniture, square pillows in different sizes.

Color:  Bright analogous color scheme with green, navy, turquoise and yellow accents. Beige carpet and light walls create a neutral backsplash for the bright hues. Minor dark brown details add additional contrast. Floral arrangements reflect the overall color scheme of the room.

Pattern:  The couch and armchair are upholstered in solid colors, whereas the pictures in the wall gallery are all about abstract pattern. This creates a pleasing contrast and does not make the sitting area too busy.  

Texture: Smooth coffee table and wooden tray, smooth lamp base and lamp shade, rough sisal carpet, possibly rough surface of the paintings (oil paintings?), roughness of dry branches seen behind the armchair.

Placement: I like the arrangement of the wall art, where big abstract pictures are hung next to a giant textile decoration in neutral solid color. It seems that the fabric serves as a visual room divider. Green, yellow and navy pillow arrangement on the couch reflects the power of 3s!

Bling: Small glass vase on the coffee table.

Botanicals: Small flower arrangement placed on the coffee table, bigger bouquet on table behind the armchair. I like the bright colors of the flowers, which additionally underline the beautiful and lively color scheme of the room.

5 key areas of my home - before styling



coffe table


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