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Update - June21

I've been playing around with the 3 design options and have started to picture the back of the card being for one of my papergoods stores and the front being for my own personal desing portfolio.

Since my shop colours are white, turquoise and pink, I'm picturing duplexing a white cotton card with my store logo/branding design to whatever I come up with for the front (personal) side. My problem is I'm trying to tie the 2 sides together in a theme, so I don't know if I'm over-complicating things since I"d like to stick with the Option 1 below...

This is my original shop card. Kind of boring, but I'll likely extend the stripes on this to make it more of a background item than border (especially since it's to be letterpressed and the video content from Ross mentioned difficulty with borders)


Update: June2

I got a bit caught up in my designs for my personal business cards and wound up with too many I wasn't happy with, so I decided to stop and go back to my reference, post those here, and start over.

My three ideas are as follows:

- I was trying to come up with some way to brand myself as an airline to your design destination: i.e. Hop on board to design nirvana, or something like that. The trouble was, I didn't want to be too literal that someone would think I was a travel agent. I just really like the look of boarding passes, so I want to try and manipulate my info to emulate the simplistic, graphic designs of these and luggage tags.

Reference 1


- I'm addicted to forms, and I think they make for a really cool letterpress OR rubber stamp design. I was considering a design similar to these styles that I could stamp out each time I need a card, possibly with different areas / checkboxes that could be ticked off for more personalized communications.

Reference 2


- Visible or blind, I kind of love the idea of 2 things going on at once - design vs. type. This would be more along the lines of a letterpress design.

Reference 3

So now it's a matter of working through these and see what comes out the best. :)


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