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Update + Challenge: working with words

Update 5.14.14

I got married and am putting this beautiful stuff to use! Here is a thank you presi for my new mother-in-law. The in-laws live in Ireland so this is a lovely Gaelic proverb to hang above her door.  I got lucky in that department :) I started incorporating watercolors (also my 1st pass at that).  Now I just need to keep practicing, identify my style, and get comfortable with more nibs. 


I'm left handed, ok at doodles (my specialty being themed cupcakes), and have absolutely no art, drawing, or calligraphy training.  Like didn't know what I calligraphy pen looked like until this class. But who isn't obessed with how completely beautiful and effortless calligraphy looks so I'm giving it a go.  

heres where I started on day 1 of the class:

I switched the nibs quite a few times before I figured out which one was working best for my left-handedness. But the Nikko G is great.

The reason I started with a think nib is because with a then one, it was hard for me to get a thick line and differentiate the stroke weight, but I eventually got the hang of it with the smaller one.  Here are some pretty snazzy sideways S's:

I instagrammed it then deleted the original photo, so you guys get the artsy version, your welcome! 

 Here is my first go at tracing the lowercase letters:

And then after a couple of pages of practice, I ended up with these little beauties:


Ive spent a lot of time practicing upper and lower and the progress though slow is really encouraging. Here was my first go at free hand sentence composition (darn that leftie wrist smear):

I know there are lots of inconsistencies but hey, that's what practice is for. Then I did something real ballsy, at the request of my roommate who's super into classy occasions. I tried my hand at designing an invite for our annual Christmas party. I'll be in sweats by the bonfire outside, but inside will be lovely skirt clad coc

LESSON #1: SPELL CHECK! Anyone see what's wrong with thIs picture? Hah! That would be a-p-a-r-T-m-e-n-t. Luckily, I caught it and redid it before I made 70 copies, shew. 

Challenge: working with words!

I practiced a few different styles that Molly posted and liked the more condensed version when starting out (I really like the expanded letters, but need to practice, they keep growing larger with each letter!) here are some from tonight: 

And finally, the first day that I received the email that this class was coming to Skillshare, I was in awe of how beautiful the class intro image was. I have enjoyed this class so much and can't believe how far I've come with Molly's videos in just a few months. the class has a great balance of presenting foundational easy to digest content ( where I don't feel like a total calligraphy dummy!) with presenting challenges with new styles. I have a lot of work to go but I've loved the journey so far and hope to improve and continue taking more classes. With that, I wanted to pay homage to Molly and  that beautiful intro graphic! 

I hope I've done it justice:). 

Next up is the white goulash challenge on dark paper. Please let me know any feedback you have fellow class peeps! Y'all are absolutely amazing. 

Until then, just keep scribing! 



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