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Update: After Pics - My Styling Attempt

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AFTER PICS PART 5: Bedroom (second part: bed)

Here I go with the last styling assignment of this course - my bed. For my bed I've opted for a nautical look as it is bright white and I have a white & blue bunting above it (to the side, you can't see it on the pics). So I brought in some sun with yellow accents and the blue hues of the ocean combined with various textures for a soothing feeling. The bling and botanical part was placed on the nightstand. Let me know what you think!! Happy styling!

AFTER PICS PART 4: Bedroom (first part: nightstand)

I am taking it step by step as it's a bit tricky to style up my bed while sleeping in it, getting up, going to work and coming back in the evening when it's too dark to take pics:-) So for now I managed to sort of style my nightstand. My entire bed nook is getting a nautical touch so I've tried to create the same ambiance on my nightstand. Let me know what you think. I think it's simple. But it's pretty 'me':-)

AFTER PICS PART 3: Bookshelf

This weekend I've managed to work on my bookshelf styling. Due to my very small apartment and many many books, I am sort of forced to use up every space on my bookshelf. That's what I thought. But then I learned here that I must leave 'some space to breathe' between the objects. And those extra books can be piled up decoratively in other parts of my apartment:-) So ok, I took of all books and rearranged them including some little objects to add botanicals, bling, texture and colour. Let me know what you think of this mini styling. 


So here is the next bit of after pics, this time it's the console syling. I must admit I really liked my console already, I like the grey, blue and green colour scheme but I felt it is a bit empty in the middle and there could be a bit more texture and bling. So I thought about adding some little decorative bits grouped into three - as we learned, the 'power of three'. This is the result now: a wooden vintage letter in blue, a vintage apothecary green bottle and a little cactus in a quirky pot. I think I like it! Your opinion is very appreciated! Let me know! Cheers!

AFTER PICS PART 1: Coffee Table & Sofa

So here I am with my first set of after pics - I've tackled the coffee table and sofa together in order to have a comprehensive look of both areas as they make for an entity in my living room. Truth be told, I didn't change the previous look completely, I rather enhanced it with what I've learned in this course (plus, I don't have so many other things in my home to change it completely:-)). So here is the set, hope you like it!

So that is the coffe table - as you see, I tried to add a bit of bling with my antique Moroccan metal box, some texture with my handmade stone vase and botanicals in form of fresh blooms. Plus I tried to add that sense of life with adding my beloved Chucks into the pic. I found the placement rather tricky on my round coffee table but this set up seemed best to me. 

In this is the sofa. You see it is still rather same as before, I just swapped the grey cushion with a white one and addes a little vintage Moroccan wedding cushion with a bit of bling thanks to the sequins. To add life I placed an open book on the sofa. Hope you like it too! Let me know in the comments what you think of it!! Cheers!!

Here is an image that encompasses the 8 styling principles. Truth be told, one of the principles is freely interpreted by me. The bling factor could be stronger, but I thought the table lamp with the glossy metal finish could be a touch of bling here.


So here come my 'before shots' of the five key areas in my home. To begin with, I admit I am a rather neat person when it comes to my home. I live in a super small 30 square meter apartment and need to keep things neat and as uncluttered as possible. But I so want to add more styling to the five areas, so let's try it over the next few days.

1. Coffee Table

I have a simple, round and low walnut wood coffee table with a cool white metal framing underneath the tabletop. I keep my coffee table rather clean, without any particular styling as throughout the day I add magazines, my iPad, a tea pot, mugs, glasses, remotes etc. on it. So it is time for some serious styling!

2. Sofa

I have a foldable Ikea couch that is pretty old and normally black with white stripes (like those cushions) but since the black has lost its color over the time, I've covered it in a bright grey throw. The kilim cushions are vintage pieces from Turkey. I love the touch of dusky pink with the grey and black and white colour scheme. Let's see what I can do with the sofa...

3. Console

I really like my little console in the living room. It has many little drawers and is perfect for storage and to hide away all those little things in my tiny home. I sort of play with the grey scheme adding some blues and my beloved Aloe Vera plant that I brought back from a Canary island. I might add a little something more for the styling in the middle section. I will see...

4. Bookshelf

My bookshelf has a few racks but due to the small size of the room I couldn't capture all of them on a decent photo. So I've picked the top shelf that hosts a thrown together pile of books and some little knickknacks from previous trips. This needs some styling!

5. Bed

As you can see, I live in a rooftop apartment with droops. My bed is unspectacular but comfy. I don't like messy beds so I always cover it with a throw and add some of my fave cushions on top. I am curious what I can do with this corner of my home.

Any comments, ideas, suggestions are welcome!


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