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Update APR15 - Arrested Development

UPDATE - April 15

I wasn't able to complete the poster by today so I thought i'd upload another WIP. I'm nearly done Gob and Anne on his shoulders and am working on the frame and handwritten title 'The Immaculate Election' within that. Hopefully I'll have the final ready to upload by mid-week. I hate missing deadlines, but some rather important stuff came up over the weekend that took priority.

UPDATE - April 11

Just a shot of a WIP of my painting of George Michael. Still have to do Gob the devil and Anne the angel and LOOOOOTS more on this caricature, but... that's where it is for now. :)


I forgot to upload my inspiration last week, so here are some boards I've been pinning to. I'd like to do a handlettered title if possible, otherwise something similar to an election poster - bold sans serif.

Hand Lettering:


Poster designs for composition ideas / colour:

Colour Ideas:
(arrested development is usually bright and colourful, lots of oranges)

Caricature Styles
I'm aiming for the style of Joe Bluhm or Dom Philbert, but more a scratchy rather than finalized polished peice (like the donald trump)

My Updated illustration will be coming soon. Yay!



I went ahead and revised original ideas #3 and #4 as seen below.

Revised #3)

I'm envisioning this one to be in the Noma Bar style. As Ricky pointed out, Noma always has a clever interplay between positive and negative space. I thought of turning the 2 windows on the top of the VHS tape into the silhouette heads of George Michael and Steve Holt:

My other idea was the spinoff of the HOPE Obama Poster, but I decided to make this more of a general Election poster, with George Michael in a relatively realistic-caricature style, and Gob (the devil) and Ann (the angel) sitting on his shoulders in more of a cartoony style similar to that of Andrew Kolb:

My problem with this idea is figuring out how to incorporate the type in it, and if it should be the name of the episode (the immaculate election), or what a kid calls George Michael at the end of the episode (Star Dork).


I've decided on Season 2, Episode 14: The Immaculate Election.

I have 3 ideas for how I'd like to illustrate this, but here's a breakdown of the episode:

- Tobias moves out and returns to the house as Mrs. Featherbottom - a singing british nanny (stolen directly from Mrs. Doubtfire) - in order to see his daughter and prove to his wife he can act. He can't.

- Anne convinces George Michael to run for Student Body President (against Steve Holt) by focusing on Christian values.

- We also get to see a video of George Michael re-enacting scenes from Star Wars

- Lucille fires Loupé after finding her in bed with Buster, gets a robot to clean the house who she then also discovers in bed with Buster.

- George Sr. find a pamphlet in the garbage about the Christian faith (left behind by Anne and tossed out by Lindsay), and becomes 'enlightened'

- Gob films Office Magic, 'fires' Michael who fires him in return.

- Michael realizes George Michael has no chance at winning the election, so convinces Gob to help him run George Michael's campaign by playing dirty. Anne wants no part of it so leaves and runs Steve Holt's campaign.

- Steve's video is tastefully done, George Michael's (done by Gob) is terrible. When it can't get much worse, the footage of him re-enacting star wars cuts in.

- George Michael loses, but wins Anne back after she is impressed by his 'moves'. He is known by the students as 'Star Dork'.


Idea 1) A take-off on the Mrs. Doubtfire poster with Mrs. Featherbottom in her place

Idea 2) An election / campaign poster for George Michael

Idea 3) A take-off on a Star Wars poster called Star Dork, starring George Michael and all the other characters interspersed around them.

I'm siding with Idea 3 as I think it incorporates the entire episode more than Idea 1 or 2 which focus on single aspects of the episode.


These are some VERY rough sketches so far, just trying to figure out a) the idea, and b) the composition. Details of each follow

{ You can see the larger version by righ-clicking and choosing View Image }

#1 - compilation poster in the style of star wars / Kevin Dart.
- George Michael in centre with 'light sabre' (rod)
- Anne behind him looking at Michael
- Michael in front of GM glaring at Anne
- Buster below Michael looking at Robot in bottom right corner
- Steve Holt below Buster raising his arms in Steve Holt style
- Maeby swooning over Steve (holding an apple)
- Mrs. Featherbottom looking at Maeby.
This one is obviously the most ambitious with lots of characters, expressions, and posing / painting required.

#2 - Similar to #1 but with Anne and GM in foreground, Maeby rolling her eyes in the background as Mrs. Featherbottom tries to feed her 'Fun Fun' with a bag of frosting (in the most delicious way)

#3 - Take-off of the Obama Hope poster - too cliché?

#4 - Since a video tape is what brought everything down, I thought a very simple graphic of a VHS with either 'star dork' or some other more clever name on it, like an Olly Moss poster.
The slogan of the poster is 'Just trying to beat that Indian kid'

#5 - We find out Gob is Steve's dad, and also the one who ruins GM's chances, thus is the 'evil presence' in the poster - he'd be silhouetted with Steve and GM inside of his silhouette.

So! Those are my initial fragmented thoughts. i'd like to really work with one of them and add in more inside jokes like the apple maeby is holding in #1, etc. If I haven't lost everyone yet, and if there are other A.D. fans in this class, I'd love to get your feedback! :)

And I apologize for the roughness of the sketches.


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