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Update 4.22.13 Simpo...Hawaiian pidgin slang for "Simple"

Update 4.22.13

Just completed a B&W version of the truck. I was happy with how it looked, but seems flat. Need help on how I can better this truck with color, strokes, effects. Seems like something's missing. Any suggestions? Input? Advice?

Update 4.20.13

Started digitizing my sketches...really hoping the truck comes out the way I want it. Gonna add a man and a cooler in the back of the truck later. I think the font still needs work...may even just use a regular font. I'm not good with tracing over my own font sketch.

Update 4.19.13

got my sketches all layed out. Going to start digitizing  and then play with the layout. Opinions, concerns, advice would greatly be appreciated.

Update 4.13.13

Here's the truck I was working on for one of my tshirt designs. Now that I have the truck in place, need to play on type treatments and arrangements. Such a noob! haha

Here's a sketch of one shirt design I want to create. It's of an old school truck and the top rectangle block is gonna be a word. I'm trying to figure out where to put the "S" letter logo and also how to arrange "The Original Food Truck" somewhere on the bottom of the truck. Suggestions

Simpo came to me when I wanted to create a brad that represented Kauai. An island in Hawaii that to me, is a great representation of "Island Style".  

To create that feeling and the vibe I wanted. I had to keep it simple. At first I was going to name it KYNI which meant Kauaian. People didn't get it so I started to play with words. Then Simpo came along, which actually means Simple. but when you say it in pidgin,  we usually say it Simpo. I thought it was perfect for what I wanted, my friends agreed. So the name stuck...It's plain and SIMPO.

target audience i chose to market are Hawaiian grown locals. Many Hawaii locals move out of state for college so it still targets people out of the state. 

Marketing Strategy I will be doing is to make it cheap and affordable. Because island life is basic, I wanted my prices basic. Single color shirt start at $12, that's the base price. For multiple color designs, it'll be $12 + $1/color more. So for a 5 color shirt, it'll be $16, base color plus 4 additional. 

I chose to do it this way because I have my own 6 color 4 station manual press and I do it as a hobby and as a way to hold on to my old childhood memories.

Type logo...a letter "S" the way I used to make it back in elementary school. Keeping the concept of old'n days and simple. Gonna also work on an icon logo and a typeface logo to go along with this.

designs, I'll be posting sketches and summaries on the designs coming soon! 

What you guys think? Would LOVE the feedback!



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