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Update 4.12.13 Sayings I want to put on a t-shirt


Here's one version of the "Tip Your Dealer" saying...it's on a chip...still trying to come up with different versions, like old Vegas posters and so forth

So far I have 2 sayings that I want to put on a t-shirt.

"Tip Your


You Cheap


I want to do this because I myself am a blackjack dealer and survive on tips. Many tourists either don't know it or could give 2 s**ts about us.  People know automatically to tip restuarants and cocktail waitresses and so forth, but barely do dealers get properly tipped.  So I wanted to educate the tourists who don't know but also call out to the ones who know better.

"There's no U in Artistic"

This is one that I've been wanting to make for my daughter. She's autistic and wanted to send a message out. They're artistic not autistic. Hence the no U in Artistic.

Can't wait to start these projects!


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