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Evelyn Cunningham

Lettering and Design Enthusiast, Poet, Dog-mom



Up and away script

January 2015, I started my calligraphy journey. I got so tired of seeing the beautiful lettering of other people without being able to replicate it. I couldn't wait to get my hands on supplies, so I bought some things at a local art store and ordered the rest from online for a cheaper rate.

In a few short months I have made a lot of progress! Here is the alphabet I am developing for the class. I don't have a specific use for it in my life, but I imagine it being used on wedding invitations and envelopes. I also think it would be appropriate for mother's day cards, valentines or a cute shop (flowers, maybe a coffee shop chalkboard).

I am challenging myself with elongating the connecting strokes - I tent to be tense so the flowing is a little tough for me. I'm getting better but you can see the hesitations in the strokes. I am pretty happy with my miniscules but the majuscules are not coming as easily because they don't immediately lend themselves to this kind of airyness.


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