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Marie Coons

Designer and Illustrator



Up Above, Down Below

I'm starting to play with motifs here. i'd like to sketch more shapes so i'll have more to play with. I think i've established a "look" - i just need to figure out how it might work as a repeat. colors are still unresolved too. i think i might be on to something with the top 4 squares - they are brighter and have a sweet, light feeling.


I finally had a block of time to start sketching and playing. I started drawing silhouettes of nature motifs. I scanned them in and vectorized them. I rubbed colored pencils on toothy paper and scanned that in as well. I want my pattern to be very loose and free form. I usually do very tight vector patterns on the computer so I'm having fun doing something a bit more watery. I think I want to have a very light plaid running throughout the background with these soft textury silhos on top. I have to play with my color palette more...i like the teal, mint, lime combo. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


While I was brainstorming picnics the idea of getting in touch with nature attracted me the most so I'm going to focus on what I see above and below me when I'm at an outdoor picnic. Slipping my sandals off and feeling the earth below my feet or lying on my back and noticing the tall trees above are tactile and visual sensations that I drink in with such pleasure since a large part of my time is spent inside a concrete box (aka, an office). For me picnics are about being outdoors and spending a little time with nature.



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