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Just a container so far. Will do my best since english is not my first language, but it is a delight to be a part of this. Thanx


  • Human nature (kind of a genera one. I know)
  • people -> one/many -> the role of one in a society. -> the "mutations" that one undergoes during their journey through people
  • One being defined as existing by the people around him/ One identifies ones self with his relationship/partner/close friend
  • sex/love/sentimantal disability
  • good, evil and in-betweens
  • time and it's relativity
  • time as a non-existing concept
  • and lately a bit of real magic/quantum physics


  • people
  • uncontrolable emotion that defies logic/that feeling of helplessness 
  • shifting realms/end of existance

On a more personal note, I will leave here a passage from a book I am currenly reading ("One, No One, & One Hundrend Thousand" by Luigi Pirandello, which so far I adore and suggest) 

..."Not, mind you, that I had any objection to following the path on which my father set my feet. I followed all paths. But when it came to advancing, I wouldn't advance. I would pause at every step; I took care to circle every pebble I encountered, first distantly, then more closely; and I was quite amazed that others could pass ahead of me paying no heed to that pebble, which for me meanwhile, had assumed the proportions of an insuperable mountain, or rather, a world where I could easily have settled.
   I had remained arrested like that at the first steps of so many paths, my spirit filled with words-or pebbles: it's the same thing. But I never felt that those who had gone past me and had covered the whole lenght of the path actually knew any more than I did. They had passed ahead of me, no doubt about that, and they where all foaming at the mouth like so many horses; but then, at the end of the path, they had found a cart, their cart; they had hitched themselves to it with great patience, and now they where pulling it along. I wasn't pulling any cart, no, not I; and so I had neither reins nor blinders; I saw certainly more than they; but as for moving ahead, I didn't know where to go."...



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