Untitled Typeface

The goal of this project is to develop a typeface that I can use in my personal branding. I am mainly aiming for a display face, but would like it to work at smaller sizes. I want to convey cleanliness and precision without being sterile. It would be nice to inject a bit of fun in there.

Previous to seeing this class, I started sketching the initial ideas of this typeface:


I drew the lowercase and a few capital. Wanted to take a break from hand sketching and start testing how it would hold up in digital form:


I was using Adobe Illustrator and got pretty frustrated with the limitations. My job was getting busy and I had to work later hours, so I took a few week break from my type project.

Then I saw this class and wanted to use it to get working on it again and learn new software. I started drawing again, without looking at my old work. I landed in a similar spot, but am feeling better about the forms and visual system.


I started digitizing in Glyphs, and am finding better success than Illustrator. It's a bit easier to adjust lines and curves with Glyphs (and is a bit more forgiving).

Version 1

I have version 1 of the lowercase done and am going back in to revise letterforms. My initial reaction is that c, e, g, w, x, and y need some love. Any additional feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated.



Version 2

I went through and made some revisions to the letterforms and spacing. Overall, ascender height was shortened, spacing is more generous, and arcs are a little more rounded. I've also started the process of kerning and designing capital letters.



Here's version 1 & 2 overlayed. Not super descriptive, but gives you the idea of where changes happened.



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