Untitled Novel 1

A geneticist starts her first day at a new job at a research facility. On her quest to find a cure for her sister with cystic fibrosis she discovers the facility is inhumanly researching gifted and unique individuals. Does she do the right thing or save her sister?



  • Essential Story Point #1: The Hook
    • The protagonist learns of the truth about the facility and the founder's motives.
  • Optional: Save the Cat 
    • She helps a subject from being punished unfairly - the subject becomes a love interest.
  • Essential Story Point #2: Upsetting the Status Quo 
    • Her seemingly perfect job is wrong.
    • Her old classmate from University tells the boss of her thoughts by finding her journal - her love interest is tortured.
  • Essential Story Point #3: Doorway of No Return
    • Seeing her love interest tortured and in pain makes her mind up and she decides to free the subjects and bring down the facility.  


  • Essential Story Point #4: The Initial Plan
    • She makes a plan to bring down the company and free the subjects.
  • Optional: Trouble Brewing
    • The plan is thrown and the facility is accidentally blown up.
    • The protagonist is injured and she enters a 2-month coma.
  • Essential Story Point #5: Midpoint & Mirror Moment
    • The protagonist's sister dies in hospital and she blames herself, she must come to the realisation she can't be everything people want her to be and she can't save the world on her own.
    • She has now become a unique, gifted person like the subjects she freed and is now one of them. 
  • Optional: Mounting Forces
    • She practices her growing powers - telekinesis and telepathy.
  • Essential Story Point #6: All Hope Is Lost
    • The group is found and is taken to a new facility. It is revealed that the antagonist was responsible for the sister's death.


  • Essential Story Point #7: Transformation
    • The protagonist is tortured and watches the people she loves get hurt. This triggers the protagonist and a battle commences.
    • The protagonist does not kill the antagonist. 
  • Essential Story Point #8: Climax & Resolution
    • The antagonist goes to jail and the facility is shut down.
    • The protagonist continues her genetics research with the help of her new friends to find new cures for many diseases - in a very humane way.
    • The protagonist and the love interest get together.
Anna Mortimer
Aspiring writer, artist and designer.