Untangling the yarn

My greatest skill is my obsessive attention to detail.  It's why I am great at what I do. Unfortunately this means I am almost entirely lacking any grasp of the big picture!  I am extremely organized on a small scale but not in the slightest in the larger.  In the past I have had the time and space so that this was not a problem but now that both my husband and myself are both working from home in a 250sq ft studio apartment it has become a major issue. 

All of a sudden I can't manage my time or get anything done! When did this happen! Now we are preparing to buy a larger place outside of the city and things are well... let's just say building to a crcendo to be nice.  Between selling my old store stock on ebay, finding new health care, keeping up with my PT (Yes, Ari there is something about having a full physical collapse at 30 that really gets you motivated!) figuring out how to finance this new place and keeping up with the everyday I am getting a little overwhelmed. 

I need to figure out how all the tiny details get mapped out and fit into the bug picture then actually follow up and get them done (without my husband literally working next to me on the couch asking me a question in the middle of it and getting off track!)

Task #1 figure out how to make ebay listings faster


calculating shipping for each item then getting it to go through auctiva to ebay correctly.

figuring out how to teather my camera

batching out this enormous amount of merchandise

actually I think that might be it!

#2 My to do list - mostly stuff to get done around the house, people to contact, and research.  Just isn't getting any shorter!  Looking at VA's for the last one but the first 2 are the biggest problem!

#3  I tend to lose track of my PT progress when I get busy - if I let it go too far (like this last spring!) I end up losing the ability to use my legs! This should be motivation enough but I need little reminders.  I am a androider so I can't use a lot of the biometric devices out there and I would love to get a fitbit but all the reviews say the holder is flawed and you lose it immediately!  There must be a decent iphone alternative out there but I can't find it can you?


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