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Unstoppablegainer.com Marketing Plan

What better way to start than with the 11 questions exercise. These were difficult to answer but I'm happy with what I've learned

1. What is marketing for?

Marketing is to tell a story to people who want to hear it. Making the story so vivid that the people who hear it tell other people.

I want to be able to get people to the point where they say, "My life is 10 times better because of the advice I learned from unstoppablegainer.com".

My aim is that people will learn what they need to learn to make ANY change they want to make in their life and understand the psychology behind it.

Marketing is to create raving fans :)

2. What are we allowed to touch?

Marketing is everything so I'm allowed to touch everything.

I can touch the price. The people I tell my story to. The content. The format. The style of my writing. The stories I tell.

I can change anything I need to

3. What can we measure?

This one puzzled me for a long time. My original answer was feedback. If people like my stuff and it works then I figured they would tell me they like it. However, I like many websites and never send the owner an email telling him he's amazing. Even if I've bought their product. I imagine I'm in the majority. Only measuring feeback would be foolish.

Instead I will measure the number of repeat customers. While I'm not going to send the owner emails, I will buy another one of their products if I like it. And then another if that one is also good. I will know my work is good if people want to buy another one of my products afterwards.

These are raving fans and raving fans are who I want to tell my story too.

4. What can we change?

I'm still lacking clarity here. . . My original answer a few weeks ago was all over the place.

I want to see people get what they really want. I want to teach people the science of getting exactly what they want in the fastest possible way, but also to fully appreciate and enjoy each and every day of their lives.

This in Tony Robbins message so I know this is a question I need to continue thinking about.

5. What promise am I going to make?

That I have the knowledge you desire that can cause you to change your life quickly and in profound ways

That you are unequivically better off for joining my program than not because your going to learn all the things you need to learn to make whatever change in your life I am promising with each product.

That the change they can create will be long lasting and that the change will be HUGE.

6. What is the hard part?

This was a HUGE ah-ha moment for me.

The hard part for me is building a product that fully satisfies my promise.

There is a huge amount of false promises and overhyped claims in the self-development field that I must break through.

This means reading book after book and taking lots of courses so that I can find the VERY best information so that I can provide the highest quality and most impactful work.

I need to be able to explain clearly and consisely enough so that my members get the most from it. If I can do this, I fulfill a MASSIVE need and I'll win the game.

It will be hard but I want to build the thing that people will tell their friends, "I did X. I expected the results to be good but it was astounding! My life has never been better"

7. Should we make trends or follow them?

Another that took a lot of thought. . .

The trend that I see is to push "ok" material out there and overmarket it.

I'm going to break the trend. I want to create the 'best' product. Something that is clearly better than the general schmuck.

8. Where is the risk?

My risk is not delivering on my promise. Not being able to make something good enough. Not being able to over-exceed on my promise. Not providing enough value. Creating something too generic. Re-hashing the same stuff as everyone else. If I don't hit my promise, my credibility shatters. My customer will lose faith in my and won't become a repeat customer- the very thing I'm measuring.

Disappointing my members via unrealised expectations.

9. Who is in charge?

ME. One man company baby ;)

But here's the question- will I read enough? Will I stick at this long and hard enough? Will I be brave enough? It's all on me

10. What is the money for (how do I know if I'm spending it right?

For me, the money goes on education.

I can only make something worth making by first learnign and developing good enough ideas by putting out some mediocre and bad ideas first while I go through the iteration cycles.

Secondarliy, money goes to buying traffic to get the right people in the door.

11. What is the most important way to spend my time?

Learning and shipping.

Learning so I can meet my promise. I currently read for 45 minutes a day. Might push that up to 2 hours.

Shipping when I need to ship. This means with my blog posts and newsletter but also with big products. This also involves creating content and learning to find the right people to tell it to and telling it in a way that they'll want to tell it to other people.


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