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Unravel, Patiently and Whistle While you Work

After six years of being in the workforce and abiding by a routine that was set specifically for my past job, I've decided to take a risk, quit my job, and pursue my passion in my original field of Art; specifically Photography and Illustration.  This leaves me at the mercy of my own "organizational" abilities and scattered lifestyle with the need for a new and more efficient and productive routine in my personal, more creative life.  Being organized has never come easy to me and thus has often made it hard to become motivated to move forward with many of the big ideas that I have.  From the functionality of my home and it's organizational needs to my efficiency in my artwork and in my workspace, I could definitely use a course training me on how to help myself become more successful, organized, and efficient in my everyday work and personal life.

Here are my results from the diagnostic quiz... Yikes!

So, yeah... I need some work.  Can't wait to get started!


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